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For Carla Leonor and an RN to check the accuracy of any order, please follow the process below (otherwise an error in transcription may occur. Please be sure to check the 5 R's of drug administration - CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW MORE ABOUT THE 5 R'S)



1) All MD orders are to be faxed within 24 hours. Along with the order, please write/specify what has changed (what is new, what is discontinued or any other information that must be updated or removed). Communication is KEY. If Carla or any staff member is calling you to verify certain things, please be courteous. The staff is assisting and just trying to do their job so please work with them.


2) After faxing any documents, please call the office to confirm that we received it. Although there are 10 - 12 staff members working at a given time, please be patient as the phones are continuously in use (leave a message if you must, we will return your call within 24-48 hours). If you leave a voice mail please state your name, your client(s) name, reason for your call and leave your phone number / contact info so we can get back to you in a timely manner. Please keep your messages short and straight to the point. It takes a lot of time to listen. Please no swearing.


3) You may also send an email. Emails are typically faster, the staff read emails and respond in between and/or while on phone calls.

4) Please allow enough time for our team to complete your request. Each request is essential but some are more of a priority depending on the request.


5) Upon receipt of the new MAR, you are responsible for checking for accuracy. Human errors (such as typos) can occur. Double check: MD, order, what is transcribed in the MAR, what is written on the bottle. If everything is correct, great. If there's a discrepancy, please notify ASAP - do not just leave a message if it is urgent and needs to be corrected immediately.


6) After verifying the accuracy of the MAR, please discard the old MARS. Organize your documents in your charts, don't just stuff the papers in there.


7) If no changes: please copy the MARs.


-Make sure MD orders are dated and signed by MD

-Discard old copy of MAR once the new MAR is received

-Contact Ms. Carla right away for any discrepancies on MAR 

For Requests:
Please CALL or


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Medical Record Analysis


— Thank you

Please be sure to send our office a copy the MD order, after visit summary, or any MD notes that reflect any change in the medications that your client(s) are currently taking.

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FAX: (808) 536-7225

DIRECT: (808)  728-0480

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Gianne Carla Leonor

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